Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letting breast cancer patients die is government policy in Bulgaria

Translating from a yesterday's report in Dnevnik daily paper:

"Cancer patient will seek asylum abroad because of genocide by the health care fund

The (Bulgarian) health care fund refused to fund the treatment of 50 cancer patients with the argument that theere is "serious deficit" in the fund's budget. Hence, Diana Borlakova who last week told her story of fighting breast cancer and Bulgarian health care system in an open letter to media, and 49 other Bulgarian women will remain without a treatment on which their lives depend. It is based on the drug Afinitor costing over EUR 3500 per month and currently the only option for Diana Borlakova and the other cancer patients...

"Government must clearly realize that it is sentencing us to death by refusing to pay a treatment that exists. Let them bring down the flags even now, let them declare national mourning and in the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month (i.e. October) let them not sing and make concerts but order a mass funeral service instead... This is genocide, and genocide dressed in government policy," the patient said. She is indignant that even Veselin Ivanov who represents patients in the board of the health care fund has voted against funding the breast cancer treatment because allegedly there was no money. She says that "no money" is not an excuse because health insurence money has been spent on other purposes...

Borlakova heard that the board discussed a proposal to fund only her treatment. "I would never accept this. I would not leave the other women behind. Why have they proposed it? Most likely to shut my mouth, because I am talking loudly," she says.

Her next step will be to write official letters to the President, Prime Minister and all ambassadors in Bulgaria. "Let the former renounce us, and the latter see whether they could take us. I am seeking a humanitarian asylum..."

"It is very difficult to struggle with the thought that you have this disease and at the same time to fight for your treatment. How many other struggles need I?" the distraught woman asks rhetorically. She says that she has not even taken sick leaves. "Here I am, at my desk, though I am returning from the hospital. Because I must work in order to pay my health insurance that someone will steal again tomorrow. And I must also provide for the salaries of the arrogant bureaucrats," she says."

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