Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Massacre of Israeli tourists on Bulgarian land

Today (July 18) the Bulgarian sea town of Burgas (Bourgas) became scene of outrageous bombing of Israeli civilians. After being brought to Burgas airport by a flight from Tel Aviv, a large group of Israeli tourists took seats in a bus which was to bring them to a nearby resort. As the bus was departing, a bomb exploded in its front part.
By now, 7 people are reported dead, but the real number may be higher. Dozens have been wonded, including a child and two pregnant women. A bystander said, "There were screams and I went out of my car to check what was happening. I saw the people getting out of the bus, they were screaming, some were coming out without legs, others without arms." Shocked policemen said, "We are literally collecting small pieces of flesh from the victims. There are body parts 300 meters away from the bus, so we cannot tell the number of victims for sure."
My condolescences to the victims' families and to those wounded and traumatized. I hope Israeli intelligence agencies will find out who is behind this massacre. Unfortunately, I don't think our security apparatus can do any good. While I understand that even the best intelligence can overlook the preparation of a terror act, I am angry, because our "services" are overstaffed and overfunded. They have generous subsidies even in the worst crisis, they receive more than the entire Bulgarian Academy of Sciences just to monitor telephone communications... and still they do not serve the public (to say the least) and do not provide the security which is their function.