Saturday, July 29, 2006

The faces that launched a thousand warplanes

I wanted to show here photos of the Israeli soldiers Ehud Goldwasser, 31, and Eldad Regev, 26, but Blogger refuses to accept the images. Anyway, their faces launched a thousand warplanes and burnt the topless towers of Beirut.
The story, told very shortly, is as follows: Last month Hamas "fighters" from Gaza emerged through a tunnel, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped one, Gilad Shalit (19). Israel began a military operation in Gaza. One of the thing I dislike most in Islamists is that they are ambitious and cannot bear to see their fellow Islamist as the star. They immediately rush to follow and, if possible, to outperform him. Remember how Palestinian suicide murders intensified after Sept. 11? Well, now Hezbollah opened a second front from the north, killing 8 Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two (mentioned above). Israel is bombing Lebanon, the country seems to be already in ruins but, unfortunately, the same cannot yet be said about Hezbollah. The war isn't promising to be a blitzkrieg.
By the way, the names of the two kidnapped soldiers seem Jewish but several sources reported that they are Israeli Arabs, members of the Druze minority. Most Druze live in Lebanon. They are an old Muslim sect and have often been regarded as heretics and treated cruelly by other Muslims. As far as I know, military service for non-Jewish Israeli citizens is optional, although it is useful for your career if you can write in your CV that you have been in the Army. So we see here two Arab citizens of Israel who, instead of sitting in a dusty corner and complaining how bad their country is, to treat them as second-class citizens, stepped forward to prove that they are first-class citizens, no worse than any Jew.
Now of course everybody is shedding crocodile tears for the humanitarian disaster in Lebanon, blaming Israel for its "disproportionate" use of force and demanding restrain. I wonder, what reaction would be considered as appropriate? Perhaps Israeli Prime Minister Olmert should have written an indignant e-mail to Mr. Nasrallah, the Hezbollah ringleader?
My advice to Israel: Smash the bastards.


shlemazl said...

Both kidnapped soldiers are Jewish. One of the killed ones was a Druze. Druze soldiers serve in the Israeli army and the vast majority of Israeli Druzes consider themselves loyal citizens of Israel. There are some Druzes that are senior officers in the army. Druzes are not considered Muslims by most Muslims in the region.

Quite a few Beduins also serve in the Israeli army, but other Israeli Arabs don't.

Great post :-)

Maya M said...

Thank you for your comment. So what I wrote about the Israeli Druze patriots, instead of a tribute to the two kidnapped soldiers, turned out to be an unintentional obituary for one of their dead comrades.
I am glad that now I have a link to your blog - I quite like it.

Anonymous said...

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