Sunday, October 22, 2006

The preliminary election results

The first round of the presidential elections is over and preliminary results have been published: over 60% for the current President Georgi Parvanov, approximately 20% for Volen Siderov and approximately 10% for "my" candidate, Nedelcho Beronov.
There will be a ballotage next Sunday, because fewer than 50% of voters have taken part.
As you can guess, I am not happy with the results. Parvanov being challenged by Siderov for the presidency! I'd prefer to have for President a man picked randomly from a village pub.
Why are people such idiots?


Non-Blogging said...

So which one of the two remaining contestants is the lesser evil in the second round?

Maya M said...

The choice if akin to choosing one of two illnesses, both 100% lethal, but if you are asking for my personal opinion: Siderov. He is less cunning, you hear 2 words from him and you know all about him. Parvanov is the disguised evil, the banal evil. Siderov represents a common European madness, Parvanov represents the natural death of Europe. I'll try to write a separate posts about them, esp. about Pres. Parvanov, whom I've unduly neglected.