Friday, July 18, 2008

This is too much even for the Mullahs!

On Apr. 13, Iranian-British blogger Azarmehr posted that temporary marriage in Iran is already available online. Temporary marriage, if I get the point correctly, is a procedure allowing the man to make some vulnerable woman his temporary wife (sigheh), to rape her as much as he wishes and after having his fill of sex to abandon her in shame and disgrace. In his post, Azarmehr called these marriages "legalized prostitution".
A commenter wrote, "Why are you so concerned with bashing Islam? You have no idea what you are even writing about. These marriages are called muta'a marriages... (They) are intended to help downtrodden widows or widowers regain their footing in life (and satisfy their sexual urges) within the confines if Islam."
Azarmehr replied, "Actually sigheh is nothing to do with Islam and is an invention of Shiite clergy only. Of course you are too young to remember and probably haven't talked to any Iran-Iraq war veterans to find out how the mullahs like leeches, would turn up outside a martyr's (i.e. fallen soldier's - M.M.) house, and force the martyr's wife into temporary marriage. It got so bad that those who went to defend the country would stipulate in their will that their wives should not become sigheh."


Estranged said...

I watched the french cartoon "Persepolis" yesterday. It was created by an Iranian woman artist, who has gone to live in France. It covers the years 1980 - 1995 (as far as I remember) through the eyes of a iranian girl.

In the movie it was mentioned that in the Iran - Iraq war there was a law that a virgin must not be sentenced to death. So, to resolve this little problem, sentenced to death virgins were forced to marry a "guardian of the revolution", then he takes her virginity and kills her.

However, I recommend the movie "Persepolis" for another reason. In it you can see, that even in a fanatical regime, or in a dictatorship, live people like us. Foreign culture gets through the walls in one way or another, and the country has two "lives". In fact, Iran reminded me of the way we lived under communism - the scene, in which the girl was buying forbidden music was hilarious. It also reminded me of my childhood, when religion was forced upon me. "Double-life" is the perfect word to describe what I saw.

You can download it from, and here you can read a review. But I certainly recommend watching it, it's very good and in a way broke my stereotypes about Iran.

Maya M said...

Thank you! I'll try to find and watch the movie.
My first knowledge about Iran's reality and recent history came from the book "Not without my daughter". It also mentioned the rape of virgins sentenced to death. As far as I know, this rape also intends to prevent the executed girl from reaching Paradise.
Now I read the writings of Iranian expatriates when I can (the blogs of Winston, Azarmehr and Sheema and also FaithFreedom which is founded by Iranian Ali Sina) and I feel very sorry for the Iranian people. They don't deserve their fate.