Thursday, March 10, 2011

Greeting to Libyan rebels

This is The Song of the Rebels of (the town of) Panaguirishte, a popular song from the 1870s - the age of Bulgarian struggle for independence; lyrics by Ivan Vazov, the author of music is unknown. Below is a slightly compressed translation:

The fight is starting and hearts beat loud.
Our oppressors are coming now.
Courage, my loyal friends, show the world
We are no longer submissive herd!

Show we have broken the dirty chains
And we are free men, rather than slaves!
Let us begin the glorious fight
And God will help us with all His might.

Come on, brothers, all like one - to the fight we rush!
Come on, brothers, all like one - enemy to crush!
Oh you my mother, dear my homeland,
Lovely as Eden on this earth you stand.


Estranged said...

Hi, Maya. In "Edit HTML" you can set everywhere height="300" width="400" (just replace the digits, which are probably set as width="480" height="390" right now) and the video will fit in the page. :)

Maya M said...

Thank you! I have just done it.

Azarmehr said...

Great song

Maya M said...

I am glad you liked it!