Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Examination strategy

If you are a university student, and if you have a problem with some particular exam (or a catalogue of exams), attempting time and again to pass it, but to no avail, always going to malicious professors who enjoy giving non-passing grades to intelligent students like you...

...If this is your case... then, why not try to study before the exam next time? Just for change.

(Thoughts after the "emergency" mid-semester exam yesterday, when we were busy with medical student geniuses trying to pass biology for 8th or 10th time and still unaware that cells have membranes, and viruses are not cells.)


Unknown said...


Doesn't that drive you crazy! Any chance of saying, "Sorry! I'm busy."? In my own case the thing driving me crazy at the moment is students whose responses start with "I believe that..." We are at the end of the semester in a course called "The Ancient Greek Hero." Don't these people get it, we don't care what you think we are trying to learn what Achilles, Ajax, Oedipus, Theseus and Socrates thought." uGH!


Maya M said...

Yes, it does drive me crazy! I say sometimes, "You are wasting your time and mine also" (by coming to the exam unprepared).

Maya M said...

About the "I believe" - I believe :-) that it depends on the context. E.g., although most versions of the Theseus myth state that he unlovingly and ungratefully abandoned Ariadne while she was sleeping, I believe :-) in the alternative version that he was told to abandon her because Dionysus had set his eyes on her. I mean, if Theseus had acted unscrupulously because he himself wished so, he had no reason to be emotionally deranged and so would not forget to change the sails. Unfortunately, we have no method to find out the truth, so we have to resort to believing.