Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Dear Dutch, please support freedom and humanity!

Tomorrow, the Netherlands will hold a referendum about the proposed Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement.

The Dutch who want to thwart the agreement are actually driven by their own Euro-skepticism rather than true concern about Ukraine. However, their act of protest against the EU establishment will make the Ukrainians colateral damage.

For centuries, this European nation has been subject to systematic oppression, assimilation and outright genocide by Russia (not counting the 1941 merciless aggression of Nazi Germany). Two years ago, the Ukrainians toppled their "democratically elected" Russian puppet president because he was isolating them from Europe. More than a hundred of peaceful protesters lost their lives. But this was just the beginning. The Russian dictator Putin punished the Ukrainians for their European dream by attacking Ukraine, grabbing Crimea and waging a war in the eastern regions. This war took the lives of some 5,000 Ukrainians - and also of 193 Dutch citizens, passengers in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down by Russian illegal combatants in July 2014.

A Duch vote against the Association Agreement will stab in the back the heroic Ukrainians and reward their butcher Putin, ultimately responsible also for the deaths of Flight 17.

Dear Dutch, you have a reputation of enlightened and brave defenders of freedom and humanity. Please confirm it at tomorrow's referendum!


Charles N. Steele said...

Unfortunately, the Dutch of today are not heirs to the Dutch tradition of the Enlightenment and freedom. Russia lobbied heavily for defeat of the referendum, few people turned out to vote, and it lost.

It is utterly shameful what is happening in Western Europe. Western Europeans are admitting Muslim hordes and then subsidizing them. In Merkel's Germany, comedian Jan Boehmermann is under criminal investigation for mocking Erdogan. Erdogan himself has threatened to sue, and Merkel is actually involved!

But none of these cowards are willing to help Ukrainians stand up to the tyrant Putin, even when all it would take is allowing Ukraine closer trade and travel ties with the E.U., something that costs them nothing.

Today's Europe... worthless.

Maya M said...

My thoughts exactly. I am very downhearted about the future of Europe. I fear it will be new Dark Ages, because the Old Continent has lost its soul. I must write a separate post about this.