Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Department of Pathophysiology

Several weeks ago our Department of Pathophysiology was burned out. The fire started when some idiot, at a time when he was not presumed to be in the building at all, dropped a towel over an unsafe heating device. The firefighters came in time to rescue the idiot and several fellow idiots from the roof, but too late to save the building. The second floor and the roof were destroyed by the fire. Their remnants crashed onto the first floor, destroying it as well. Now, the usual story: no money to rebuild.
The Department of Pathophysiology was one of the oldest buildings in the Medical University campus. They are all beautiful, unlike the new ugly blocks of concrete, aluminium and glass, which seem to have been built by evil invaders. It would be better if one of these new buildings had been torched.
I am sorry that I have no digital camera, so I have to describe by words. The Department of Pathophysiology is in the middle of a green lawn. The grass has large spots of wild violets, you can smell their scent as you pass by. Behind, the walls of the Department stand alone. They are yellow, with gentle white ornaments, still beautiful. Most of the red tiled roof has collapsed. Through the broken windows, you can see the wreckage inside. Your heart just aches.
Update: I have added two photos (one of them in fact is two images overlaid).

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