Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The DPS conference

The conference of DPS, i.e. the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (a.k.a. "the Turkish party") has ended. Of course its leader Ahmed Dogan was re-elected with an overwhelming majority more typical for North Korea. He was very angry at the media for spreading his statement that DPS is surrounded by a ring of companies, and declined to talk to journalists. But I think he has only himself to blame. He said that about the ring in front of the cameras. But when somebody's power and position are unchallenged for 15 years, no matter how insolent he is, he gradually loses self-control.
DPS is harmful to Bulgarian economy and civil society and dangerous to its national security. But there is no hope that its voters will turn their backs to it. I think that the only way to prevent DPS from doing harm is by switching from proportional to majoritarian voting system, as in Britain and the USA. Then it is likely that every time one of the major parties will have enough seats in Parliament to form a government without making a coalition with DPS and so DPS will lose its power at national level.
Anybody wanting to join my Movement for Majoritarian System?

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