Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Solidarity for Michail Vashkevich

Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov has REFUSED political asylum to Belarussian dissident Michail Vashkevich. Now Mr. Vashkevich can be deported to Belarus, the last European dictatorship, where he is likely to be arrested, tortured and even killed. You can read the details (in Bulgarian) at
I am enraged that the so-called media are silent and the so-called civil society in Bulgaria is doing nothing. The President we have elected is handing freedom fighters to dictators and nobody says a word!
At, e-mails in support of Mr. Vashkevich are collected. You can also contact the President at The fields are, as follows: name, age, occupation, e-mail, phone number, message. Alternatively, you can e-mail to the President at

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programmer craig said...

Hi Maya,

Is there any way you can provide a rough translation of that article? I'm not familiar enough with the situation to write an e-mail that makes any sense.