Monday, May 29, 2006

Wanton killing of animals

I cannot understand people who kill animals just for fun. There was a grey cat hanging around our block of apartments. She was young, last year she was a kitten. This spring she was in her first pregnancy, the kittens were already about to be born. She was in perfect health, and suddenly was found dead under a parked car. Somebody must have given her poison, somebody who disliked cats and didn't want to have more of them around. I only wish him to have rodents all over his house.
And in the village of Rasnik, where we were during the weekend, something much worse happened. There is a stork nest in the middle of the village, near our house. I used to see there a pair of storks for years. This spring I was seeing only one stork, but I thought the other was flying around, looking for food or something. Eh well, this weekend the nest was empty. Only sparrows were there, they nest in the lower half of the stork's nest. I told my mother-in-law. She said, "Didn't you know that last autumn somebody killed one of the storks with a stone? So this spring only his widowed partner returned to the nest, but now he has evidently left. I've heard that storks form pairs for life, I don't know what happens if one loses its partner,
possibly he dies soon as well."
I just don't want to go to Rasnik anymore, I'm so disgusted.


. said...

hey there,
Yah, possibly i shouldnt have deleted all, but it's a fresh chapter and thus a fresh start is needed. Nice blog. And yet,my about me is written by yours truly.

CreditGenerator said...

I agree with you. I think people who do it for fun are crazy or stupid or perhaps there are more words to call them. In my opinion such people should be penalized.

Elisa said...

Poor defenceless animals are. i believe there is no keeping such people in good check.