Monday, September 03, 2007

Drawing faces

Non-parents are often amused or annoyed by the habit of parents to issue long speeches about the most banal activities and achievements of their children. But I assure you it is difficult to resist it all the time. So parents will appreciate this post. Non-parents are advised to skip it, they won't understand it anyway.
My elder son, who has just turned 4, has learned to draw recognizable faces during the last several months. Some of the drawings were spontaneous, some prompted. Unfortunately, he couldn't describe the details of his drawings himself.

Son and dad? Or two friends? (May 18)

A spiky-haired boy? (June 25)

A humanized baloon? (June 29)

The artist sitting in my lap (May 24).


Casdok said...

Love them!!

Maya M said...

Thanks and welcome to my blog!