Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Texas blogger remembers Sept. 11

I have written many times about disasters brought to the world by religions, including Christianity. At the same time, however, I have to admit that belief gives nice people strength and nobility that no atheist, however virtuous, can achieve.
A Christian from Texas blogs under the pen name of Big White Hat because, as his blog motto says, good guys wear white hats and never run out of bullets. I am copying below his yesterday post (

Lord, I kneel and bow my head and ask for Your help.
I can’t forget that day. I can’t forget the fear. I can’t forget the anger.
This world is under attack by men that do evil in the name of righteousness. They despise and seek to kill all that do not promote their tyranny. They even kill those with whom they worship.
So now we are at war.
Lord, bless our nations in this time of trouble. Protect us from those that do evil in the name of righteousness. Give us mettle so that we will not quit.
God Almighty, bless the soldiers who protect us. Make their backs strong, their feet swift, their aim true and their hearts pure. Deliver Your enemies into their hands.
In all things may Your Will be done.
Bless Your little servant in the Big White Hat.


Светла Енчева said...

Hm yes, the way American religiosity serves as a justification of war would be ridiculous if it wasn't terrible. However, I know some American Christion whose's religiosity makes them hate the war... so it depends on many circumstances...

Interesting blog, btw :)

Maya M said...

Welcome to my blog, Svetla!
I am an atheist, but I find nothing ridiculous or terrible if religiosity makes somebody support the soldiers who fight to protect, among other people, me and my family. I find it terrible that religiosity makes other people become suicide murderers.