Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bulgarian members of European Parliament: Europe, don't talk about our starving children!

Let me first translate a little from Europe.bg:
"Jan. 31 - Bulgarian members of European Parliament Filiz Hyusmenova (DPS party), Metin Kazak (DPS party), Prof. Vladko Panayotov (DPS party), Bilyana Raeva (NDSV party) and Iliana Yotova (BSP party) submitted on Wednesday in the European Parliament a draft statement. It calls for unified European policy concerning the care for disadvantaged children... The main point of the document is the appeal not to exploit politically this grave social problem, as happened in Bulgaria..."
The Trud site summarizes the draft statement more clearly: "It appeals to EU member states not to take advantage of the media disclosures about the care home in Mogilino." The media in question is the BBC which recently produced a shocking documentary about an institution for abandoned disabled children in the Bulgarian village of Mogilino.
When foreign media bring to light outrageous facts about Bulgarian reality, the reaction of our authorities is not to address the problems but to attack the reporters as having an agenda to denigrate Bulgaria. E.g. see my Nov. 12, 2007 post about the response of Bulgarian police to a BBC report of child trafficking ring. Specifically about Mogilino, at least two ministers have made public statements that the BBC documentary is all anti-Bulgarian propaganda. See my Nov. 26, 2007 and Jan. 7 posts. However, the ministers at least talked and wrote their shameful nonsense in Bulgarian, it was me who decided to translate it and re-post it in English. Now, the five European Parliament members give their masterpiece directly to the translators in Brussels, to guarantee that nobody will remain unaware of the Bulgarian idiocy.
Dear fellow Bulgarians, please be careful next time when the above listed people and parties want your votes again!

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