Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"The essence of secular humanism"

Estranged has left on my post About my "About me" and this blog in general a comment that I like too much to left it buried in the Comments section. Here it is:
"Maya, it is a bad idea to substitute the description of your blog and yourself with a DISCLAIMER... only because of people who can't READ what you have written and rely on personal attacks because they can't think.
Other bloggers have made that mistake too, Карчински comes to mind. After one "Nomad"-ish comment he turned his "about" and blog sub-title into a disclaimer, but after some comments from regular readers he restored the previous "about".
What I liked most about your previous "about" was the thought that we have to take care of our world and no external power can do it for us; and that there is no other meaning of life but this one. This is the essence of secular humanism and I totally liked it.
Finally, if what you say doesn't insult somebody, then you're probably not saying anything..."
I am really moved by this comment. Possibly some day I could follow Estranged's advice and restore the old "about". However, for the moment I prefer to keep it only in the above linked post (and this one, too) and leave the "About me" as it is now. I just feel like letting the blog itself, my other writings, my deeds speak for me.

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