Saturday, March 01, 2008

Disabled Bulgarian woman sterilized against her will

Source of the information below is the Feb. 3 post of the Mogilino blog, Bulgarian readers can go directly there.
After BBC broadcasted Kate Blewett's shocking documentary Bulgaria's Abandoned Children, Bulgarian authorities and "patriots" have been busy with PR disaster management. A documentary titled Home was produced and aired on the Bulgarian National TV Channel on Feb. 3. I haven't seen it, so I am relying on Yana Domuschieva's description in the above linked Mogilino post .
The documentary showed a family caring for their own disabled child, a foster family with a disabled foster child (the only disabled Bulgarian child currently enjoying foster care), a rehabilitation center for disabled children and a protected home for young disabled people. The picture portrayed was very rosy. Indeed, only the personnel of the rehabilitation center and the protected home was interviewed, not any of the inmates.
However, human rights activist Slavka Kukova reported that last winter a not so rosy event happened in the same protected home that was praised in the documentary. One of the young disabled women had vaginal bleeding (for unclear reasons). Her problem was dealt with by removing her uterus and ovaries. She was told that she didn't need these organs anyway. After being sterilized, the woman fled the protected home and was raped in the street.


MusicLover said...

History of Compulsory sterilization

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Monitoring human rights and the rule of law in Europe

Few years ago our local newspaper wrote about compulsory sterilization which happened in our state in the past

Lizz Wright

Maya M said...

Thank you! Ms. Kukova who reported the case is working for the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.