Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vote for science

Copy-pasting Orac's March 6 post:

"There's an idiotic poll up at Larry King Live with the question: "Do you believe vaccines cause or contribute to autism?" Idiotic, because it's science that says whether or not vaccines cause or contribute to autism. Whether the public thinks they do or not is irrelevant to the biological, medical, and clinical science that say, to the best of our knowledge, they do not.
Even so, please go tell him the real science about vaccines and autism. The pseudoscientists have already stacked the deck, and clearly antivaccinationists are voting, as the numbers are running around 80% to 20% in favor of "yes" as of this posting.
Vote now, and bring some balance!"

I blogged about vaccines and autism on Jan. 14 , Feb. 1 and March 4.


Marla said...

Yes! Well said! This all frustrates me to no end. Why don't people believe Science? I don't get what people are so afraid of. Possibly they are so desperate to blame the Autism on someone or something rather than just accepting it. I am so tired of hearing about it in the media, and especially tired that people think the majority rules instead of following the facts!

MusicLover said...

Those are great links. Always interesting topics you have.

Habib Koite - Wassiye (Live)

Maya M said...

Thank you both! Marla, I quite share your frustration. I would like to refer you to an excellent post on the subject by Prometheus, in case you've missed it:
""Epidemic Denial" vs Autism Acceptance"
Musiclover, I checked the links and have different opinion about them - I mean, they are antivaxers.