Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shame on you, President Parvanov and Premier Stanishev!

This post belongs to my "Shame on you" rubric explained in my previous post Shame on you, Minister Gaydarski!.
I am not a supporter of current Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov, as shown by two earlier my posts - Don't vote for Georgi Parvanov and Never elect hunter President - bad for wildlife.
Of course the fact that I dislike the President may reflect just my political views and personal preferences. But please read below what he said on March 8 in the city of Ruse while opening a discussion on the subject For the children of Bulgaria in an open and committed way (source: Netinfo):

"I was deeply disturbed by that documentary (BBC's Bulgaria's Abandoned Children - M.M.) which wasn't made with love to Bulgaria, which is a part, a detail of an anti-Bulgarian campaign provoked by people unknown to me and with purposes unknown to me."

I'd wish to ask the President two simple questions:
1) After you cannot figure out what interest could anybody have in discrediting Bulgaria by a documentary about care homes, doesn't it come to your head that the presumed anti-Bulgarian campaign may simply not exist?
2) Following your logic, Germans in 1946 could, instead of focusing on de-Nazification, say that documentaries about Auschwitz hadn't been made with love to Germany. Can this comparison show you how irrelevant and monstrous your comment was? Need we Bulgarians be taught humaneness the way Germans were?

The next day (March 9) journalists asked the Premier Sergey Stanishev whether he shared the President's opinion. Stanishev replied, "The BBC documentary about the orphanage in Mogilino is extremely biased and distorts the reality about the care that is done. From each reality, fragments can be taken in isolation and deeply moving scenes can be obtained this way" (source: Mediapool).

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