Sunday, January 11, 2015

The low point of Obama's presidency

Why did Americans elect President Obama?

Well, they wanted to punish the Republicans for the financial crisis. But why did they give Obama a second term?

I had forebodings of evil even before Obama took office. Later, I briefly liked him for the way he intervened to save the Libyan people from Gadaffi. Otherwise, however, Obama's presidency was as bad as I expected - or worse. The USA abdicated from its superpower role, pushing the world into free fall. Parts of the Middle East are now controlled by the murderous thugs of the Islamic State, and Russia is attacking and engulfing its neighbors, as if it is again 1944. And, similarly to the end of Pax Romana in antiquity, the end of Pax Americana is manifested by a revival of piracy.

It is not clear how much of this is a result of Obama's incompetence and how much reflects his bizarre, rotten set of values (if we can apply this term to them) apparent from his speeches during the first election campaign. Former CIA officer Clare Lopez went so far as to claim that Obama has "switched sides in war on terror", appeasing Islamists and infiltrating his administration with them. I still tended to regard Obama as just a poor guy who, after making a brilliant career by nothing more than empty talk, was suddenly catapulted to the most important position on Earth and so rose to the level of his incompetence. Until today, when he did something for which I find no excuse. It was actually failure to do the thing that was to be done.

Today, about 40 world leaders will attend a unity march in Paris to express their condemnation of the Paris Islamist massacre... but Obama won't attend it.

No explanation is given. I see two possible ones, both unpleasant: either Obama is not so much against the killing of the blasphemous Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and does not wish to offend the Islamists by honoring the victims, or he fears that some other misunderstander of Islam may use the opportunity to shoot him.

So, let us all bite our lips and count the days to the end of Obama's presidency.


Anonymous said...

I have been counting the day since he was first elected. Sadly the media and majority of news sources in the US backed him from the very beginning when more experienced candidates were better options. As for him not attending today.....there has always been speculation that he may have Muslim beliefs himself....however like most controversies about him, there are never straight answers or proof.

Charles N. Steele said...

Wow! I've made a bad mistake i not following your blog. What an excellent brief analysis of Obama!

May I suggest your first explanation for Obama's absence is correct? He may or may not be a Muslim, but I think it's clear he is sympathetic to Islam and to Islamists. That's why he and his administration go to such great lengths to avoid references to Islamic terrorism and Islamic extremism.

Maya M said...

Thank you! Unfortunately, I think you are right.