Friday, February 20, 2015

Abortions in Nigeria banned because women don't want them

As we all know, bad things are happening in Nigeria. The situation wasn't very nice to begin with, but it became disastrous after the Islamist group Boko Haram (the name means "Western education is forbidden") started its reign of terror in 2009, plunging, kidnapping, raping, killing and taking parts of the country under its control.

I hadn't written about this, first, because I don't want and cannot cover every atrocity happening on this unfortunate planet and, second, because I have little sympathy to people who don't even try to stand their ground. It is clear that Nigerians must defend their country, life and freedom while it is still possible, but we don't see any serious efforts in this direction. Instead, we see protests of Nigerian army wives against sending their husbands to fight Boko Haram.

One could ask, don't Nigerians realize that Boko Haram must be confronted and crushed? Of course they do, but too many of them seem to think it is America's job. They apparently feel entitled to US military help. And because this help isn't coming, Nigerians entertain themselves with conspiracy theories. They think that America is always happy to be involved in yet another war and would gladly send its soldiers to die for Nigeria... but Pres. Obama's administration first wants Nigeria to allow abortions and to warm toward homosexuals. As Nigerian bishop Emmanuel Badejo said in an interview: "Recently I was alarmed when I heard Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, say that the United States government was committed to anything that would push the population control agenda. The United States actually said it would help Nigeria with Boko Haram only if we modify our laws concerning homosexuality, family planning, and birth control. It’s very clear that a cultural imperialism exists. In fact, I think that Africa is suffering greatly from a cultural imperialism that threatens to erode our cultural values. And I think, to say the least, it is criminal. Because if the West boasts of being committed to human freedom, mean it. If there are values that the West cherishes, they must not impose those values on Africa. It is part of human freedom. And at least Africa can stand up and say: “These are the values we cherish and these are the values we want to keep.” If the West cherishes freedom for gays and homosexual unions and abortion and contraception, suppose Africans are not wired that way. For the African, life is sacred. And that the world can watch hundreds of people dying in Nigeria every day and look away: it shows that even what we call Western civilization today is sick. What we say about human dignity and human rights is mere hypocrisy. There is a diminishing sense of the respect for the sanctity of life. And all of this is to be imposed on Africa, at whatever cost."

As you see, the good bishop has views very similar to Boko Haram's ideology: the terrorists are against the West and so is he. The quote is typical for the mindset of many millions of people in poor countries - a mindset that is both a product of the Third World misery and the main factor for its perpetuation. However, there are Westerners suffering of white guilt who will take this delusional paranoid rant at face value. See how one of them, Jen Kuznicki, superimposes her own bright thoughts on those of Bishop Badejo:

"With all the crazy pro-aborts screaming for women’s reproductive rights, no one is calling on us to look at the fact that African women want and accept children..."

Got it? African women are good, they want and accept children, unlike us decadent Western bitches who don't want and accept children and get pregnant just to enjoy an abortion. So we know now why abortions are banned in Nigeria: because women would not want them anyway. I bet that even a 15-yr-old girl raped and impregnated by Boko Haram men wouldn't want an abortion. After all, what more impressive proof of the "respect for the sanctity of life" than carrying to term this particular pregnancy?

Oh how much I "love" religious fundamentalists. And not only Islamic ones.

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