Monday, July 03, 2006

A racist post

A Gypsy ghetto in Sofia, built on mucipality land without any permissions, was scheduled for demolition last Friday. However, Tsvetelin Kanchev, leader of the Euro-Roma party, notified members of the European Parliament. Four of them (from the Green Party) sent a furious letter to the Bulgarian Prime Minister Stanishev. As a result, the demolition is postponed (a link in Bulgarian,
I've posted earlier both about the Gypsies ( and the EU (
Let me first say who Tsvetelin Kanchev is. I'm translating his page in Wikipedia: "He feels a Gypsy by soul... Media call him Don Tsetsi... He was elected in Parliament in 1997 in the group of the Bulgarian Business Block party, later moved to the Euro-Left party. Founder and then chairman of the Euro-Roma party (founded in 1998)... Stripped of his immunity in 1999, sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment in 2000 for beatings and abductions... Released in 2003, pardoned in 2005..."
As you see, the self-appointed defender of the Gypsies is a convicted felon. Also, he isn't of Gypsy origin. In fact, he tried to present himself as a Gypsy, but too many people had witnessed and talked about his birth and growth in a Bulgarian family. One should ask, what motivation had this criminal to embrace the Gypsies? I guess, he sensed that there are much Euro-money and power associated with the Gypsy cause ("Euro" is another buzz word in the above citation).
Gypsies, the only surviving nomadic people of Europe, got swamped by the modernization wave of the 20th century. Without having ever been very productive, they degraded to a parasitic and aggressive community becoming more numerous, parasitic and aggressive with every generation. Gypsies originate from India and so have a slightly darker skin colour that other Europeans, which allows everybody talking about the Gypsy problem to be labeled as a racist. Yes, racism and discrimination against the Gypsies do exist, but they aren't the real trouble. The real trouble is that Gypsy adults don't work and Gypsy kids don't go to school, and no name-calling can change this disastrous fact.
To be solved, the Gypsy problem requires indefinite supply of funds, resolve, expertise and goodwill. Unfortunately, none of this is available in Bulgaria and, as I see, in the EU even less. The EU is virtually hijacked by the brainless and destructive Left. There are basic rules of economy (You cannot distrubute more that is produced), upbringing (Never encourage unwanted behaviour) and law (Nobody must be allowed to benefit from his guilty behaviour). The Left, on the contrary, think that all problems in the society can be solved by taxing productive law-abiding people and distrubuting the money among non-productive and law-breaking people. The Left particularly like taxing white people in order to subsidize coloured people. And the more parasitic and aggressive these coloured people are, the more they are viewed by the Left as victims and darlings. These leftist attitudes transformed the Third World immigrants into the greatest menace for Europe. Without the Left, I'm sure, these immigrants would be ordinary workers and taxpayers. I bet that without the Left even the famous Palestinians would by today be an unremarkable community of olive producers. I wish to tell the European Leftists, "Please leave us alone with our minorities! Unlike yours, ours at least don't put bombs in subways. But if you continue to mess, nobody knows."


Mad Minerva said...

Dear Maya,

I agree with your ideas about the Left. Too often the Left wants to tax the hard-working citizens and then give the money to people who do NOT work hard or to the various groups of "minority victim darlings."

Besides, as the EU is beginning to find out, a government cannot make its country prosperous just by passing laws saying "we will be prosperous!" Any economy has to deal with the MARKET and with competition. Too many subsidies and rules and taxes, etc. will end up harming the economy and creating unemployment, etc.

For instance, see this news report that many German people are leaving Germany to find jobs in other countries, especially scientists:,2144,2082146,00.html

Also, Maya, I enjoy your blog! I have never met anyone from Bulgaria until now. I hope to learn more about your country by reading your blog in the future. ;-) (My family is from Taiwan; I live in the US.)

Best wishes,
Mad Minerva

Maya M said...

Thanks for the nice words, Mad Minerva! I also like your writings. My sympathy to you about the PhD study - my own dissertation poisoned 11 years of my life. However, with a little bit of luck, these damn things finally get completed and then you are free!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me my dear Maya is your head in the clouds - gypsies do not come from India. Gypsies are everywhere in this world.
Gypsies are also people though they lack intelligence. I thought as most people do Bulgarians are all Gypsies - is that right?
Some Russian men worked for me and they told me all Bulgarians are Gypsies perhaps you can answer that.

Anonymous said...

I certainly would agree with what the anonymous person wrote that all Bulgarians are Gypsies I have had bulgarian well one bulgarian man who did some work for me and he reeked of urine though he had some intelligence well he learned how to do electrics fixing the wires. He left my bathroom urine on the floor and on toilet seat and also left my toilet with poo which he did for me to flush ohh yuck.

Maya M said...

Anonymous 1, it is universally accepted that Gypsies (Roma) are of Indian origin:
They are also people, this is quite true. They lack intelligence?? Why do you think so? This is very far from the truth.
Your Russian friends have lied to you. Gypsies are a minority in Bulgaria, about 10%.
Anonymous 2, I am sorry that a Bulgarian-born workman has left a mess in your bathroom but if you cannot distinguish violation of good manners from total disrespect of property and rights of other people, then you are badly off target.

Maya M said...

It seems, in fact, that the two anonymous commenters are one and the same person. They have both written on the same date, with several minutes difference in time. These anonymous verbal abusers are quite amusing!