Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Alfa Roma"

Recently, my husband had to go to the airport - one of the few occasions when he needs a taxi. As usual, he called his favourite taxi company. It is known as "1 Dollar Taxi" and isn't among the biggest in the industry.
And as usual, my mother in-law was angry. "Why did he call them again? There are only Gypsy drivers working there; in fact, the company is named "Alfa Roma". Some time they'll drive him to some remote place and rob him."
("Roma" is the politically correct term for "Gypsy".)
As a matter of fact my husband, despite his habit to go to the airport late, has never (yet) missed a plane. Besides, I feel there is something wrong with my mother in-law's logic. After we demand the Gypsies to work, it isn't very honest to boycott them when they do. So these days, when I needed a taxi and saw a "1 Dollar" approaching, I raised my hand.
The taxi was quite good. The company may hire Gypsy drivers (and I think it is good if it does) but that particular driver was white. And while on the outside of the car was written the popular name "1 Dollar Taxi", inside there was a label with the official name of the company. It was "Alfa Romeo" with some additional letters.
I don't know why. Possibly they have some agreement with the auto producer.


Anonymous said...

Hi just wanted to know your take on this :

bulgarian girls

and then could u explain why the bulgarians in libya are any different?

Maya M said...

Most of the Bulgarian defendants in the HIV trial in Libya are accused also in promiscuity, with "proofs" such as photos in bathing suits at the Black Sea beach found during the searches of their quarters.
In Bulgaria, sexual relationships are generally regarded as personal matter.

Anonymous said...

yes thats true in Bulgaria, but they committed their sexual relationships in Libya knowing it is illegal and nobody forced them to go there right?

And my point was about their barbaric behavior which this article shows to be true and thus the crimes of which they are accused aren't that impossible. Especially since Bulgaria's access to the EU has been delayed due to it organized crime syndicates Russian and otherwise and high prostitution and slavery. My point is that u speak of the nurses (which by the way we never see in Libya's hospitals) as angels so maybe they were angels but not working for hospitals more likely working for corrupt Libyan officials as prostitutes so maybe they had it coming?

Maya M said...

I see I cannot get away with just a short comment.
(1) How are you sure the Wayodd report is true? Here, I've heard nothing of the incident. The only fact I can confirm is that Sofia has a district named Gorublyane (NOT Gofublyane).
(2) Provided that it is true, is there anything we the rest 3.5 millions of Bulgarian women can do in order to prove that we usually DON'T fight over handsome boys? And in particular the accused nurses, middle-aged married women?
(3) How do you know that they have REALLY commited sexual relationships in Libya? Have you been the third person in the rooms?
I wrote in clear English that they were in bathing suits at the Black Sea beach, i.e. in Bulgaria, NOT in Libya (a country that, according to your data, is too civilized to allow people sunbathe and take sea baths in bathing suits). Bulgarian journalists reported this for Kristiana Valcheva and her husband. Kristiana had brought these photos, along with others, to Libya to look at them when feeling homesick.
(4) The article you cite doesn't "show" any "barbaric behaviour" of the nurses "to be true". Your equation of the nurses to those teenage alleged fighters doesn't seem quite sane to me.
(5) I cannot understand why you, living in the 21st century, presume that a promiscuous woman is able to do any crime, including a murder. As far as I know, last time in Europe such opinion was expressed by Joan of Arc's accusers. They were very religious men deprived of normal sexual life and with correspondingly deformed thinking, similarly to our nurses' accusers.
(6) Your source that "Bulgaria's access to the EU has been delayed"? Bulgaria is joining EU together with Romania at Jan. 1, 2007, as scheduled.
(7) Some nurses, coming back from Libya after been guest workers there, complain of sexual harassment by higher-ranking Libyan men. I guess this is what you mean that Bulgarian nurses were "working for corrupt Libyan officials as prostitutes".
On the other side, if you are the person I suspect you are, you are a born and bred American and know quite little about Libya.

shlemazl said...


This anonymous is badly screwed whoever he is. Logical arguments aren't going to make any difference.

Nice post by the way. A lovely illustration of how irrational racism really is.

Winston said...

That famous car is named Alfa Romeo.

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