Thursday, December 06, 2007

My lullaby page

One of the things I was working on is ready. A collection of translations of popular lullabies from around the world is uploaded on my site at I translated them because there seem to be very few Bulgarian lullabies (though numerous good songs for older children) and I wanted to have some to sing to my baby.
The WAV and MP3 files of longer lullabies are truncated because Sound Recorder offers you only a minute to record. There must be an option to lenghten the time but I didn't find it. I am quite challenged by computer technology (in fact, to be honest, by any technology). I struggle with programs the way a pig struggles with a pumpkin.
I am afraid that by these musical files, I created too much work for my brother who is Webmaster of my site (and also pays the fees for the domain name and the hosting). But he did a great job. I like very much the way he allowed listening to the songs and downloading them. He also found for me the program MidiPiano which allows you to create instrumental MID files right on the computer, without the trouble to play on an actual instrument and record. If I knew this option, perhaps I wouldn't bother to sing and record. Especially after I am such a poor singer. (When I was in 1st grade, after singing a song in front of the class for the first time, a classmate said, "Maya, how is it possible that your parents are musicians yet you are unable to sing?" This was quite rude of course and discouraged me to develop my singing abilities. On the other hand, listening to some popular singers, I often regret that they apparently hadn't such a frank classmate in 1st grade.)
The MID files will be uploaded soon, most likely next week.


Marla said...

What an amazing undertaking!

Maya M said...

Thank you! But it was pleasant for me.

Marla said...

I am glad. It seems like a lot of work. Your blog is very interesting. I do not know much about Bulgaria, especially politics.