Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Realpolitik about Georgi Stoev

Most Bulgarian bloggers who are worth reading write under their true identities. An exception is the right-wing political blog Realpolitik, by anonymous author(s).
My previous post was dedicated to the death of Georgi Stoev, a writer who exposed the organized crime in present-day Bulgaria. Realpolitik also has a post on the subject, written on the very day of his death (Apr. 7) and titled They murdered Georgi Stoev for the sake of us all. Below, I'm translating several lines of it:
"Our analysis: Georgi Stoev was shot dead by the Monterey Ring, this is obvious. There was no way for them to let him talk all over the place that Lyuben Gotsev is capo di tutti capi and an old friend of the Margin. There was no way for them to let him testify against Madzho... On Realpolitik, we have been writing about the Monterey Ring for a long time. When we started the blog, we had a discussion whether to reveal our names. The opinion not to show them on the site prevailed because we didn't want to be entangled in made-up lawsuits. The story of Georgi Stoev showed the existence of dangers far more serious than a made-up lawsuit. In Bulgaria, they already assasinate writers in order to shut them up."

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