Sunday, February 19, 2017

Immigrants listen to leftists, lose jobs

From a yesterday's report by Macradee Aegerter at

"Local workers fired after not going to work on ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

DENVER -- Dozens of people say they were fired for taking part in a protest in Denver. Thursday’s “A Day without Immigrants” movement closed restaurants, shops, and jobs sites across the United States.

The moment was an effort to show the Trump administration how much immigrants contribute to the country’s economy. Many skipped work and vowed not to spend any money that day.

Now dozens of local masonry workers say they are without a job...

Ray was the foreman of two crews working for JVS Masonry.

He said when he told his boss his crews would be missing work Thursday to support the cause of immigration, he was told, they would be fired.

“You stand for what you believe, make sure you stand for whatever consequences are going to come… He said whoever took the day off today can find another job tomorrow,” Ray read from the texts on his phone, sent by his boss, Jim Serowski, the owner of JVS Masonry.

All of them, he said, fired for standing up for families.

“The guys that we have out here that have families that are afraid to go out and get a gallon of milk, get gas, going to get groceries in case they get stopped and deported,” he said of why they wanted to take part in the movement.

But family is what the owner of JVS Masonry said he supports.

“If you want to go to work to support your family. I don’t care if you have antennas coming out of your head, I really don’t care. If you’re going to betray the company then I have a concern,” said Serowski.

For him, he said, it comes down to business.

“I have no view on immigration laws or anything going on with that. All I know is I have a business to run,” he said..."

Earth to protesters:

When a country accepts an immigrant, the idea is not to give him the good life he is dreaming of. The idea is to use his labor at the lowest cost possible. He will be expected to work hard, often under conditions that the locals find unacceptable, and to keep his mouth shut. A legal immigrant could in theory prosper by starting a successful business, but this is easier said than done.

The "Day Without Immigrants" protests were most likely organized by local well-to-do leftists who can take a day off whenever they feel like it, without any consequences. Actually, the economy would hardly suffer even if all those leftists who have overtaken the US academia quit work for good. But the poor immigrant workers should think well whether it pays to take advice from these people. Now, some immigrants who have listened to the the anti-Trump leftists have as a result lost their jobs. A good lesson maybe, but hard. I do not expect the leftists to be helpful in finding new jobs for the unemployed. They are far better at destroying jobs.

At least, Mr. Serowski has promised to take back those fired workers who reapply.

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