Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My e-mail

A recent commenter has rightfully wondered why my Blogger profile shows no e-mail address. The reason is that I have bitter experience with displaying such addresses in public. My office e-mail was included in the abstracts of some my articles uploaded in PubMed. This is a good thing, it allows colleagues to e-mail me and request reprints from the articles (the standard way a researcher keeps himself informed about other people's works in his field). However, it had an unpleasant side-effect - spammers picked my e-mail. The result: when at work, I receive every day about 30-40 e-mails trying te sell me Viagra or weight-losing medicine. My colleagues with works published in PubMed are in the same situation. In fact, when we are at work and an hour passes without a spam e-mail dropping, we know that there is a technical problem with the server. And about a third of the spam messages carry viruses. I think that the server has to filter the spam and the other virus-containing messages. Now, everything that goes into the server reaches the users, and we are let to fight the viruses as we can.
I'll display my e-mail address, not in my profile but in this post, and in somewhat disguised form, hoping the spammers will overlook it. Here it is: mayamarkov at gmail dot com.


Estranged said...

I'm not afraid of publishing my GMail adress anywhere, because GMail has an almost perfect spam filter. 300 spam messages stay captured in it right now. I can look at them if I want, but if I don't, it feels as if they don't exist. In such a situation I can only say to spammers "Bring it on!".

Maya M said...

Thank you! So I needn't worry about showing my G-mail address.