Monday, January 21, 2008

When things go wrong...

I am thinking of my Libyan online friend Hignlander who wrote she is right now in desperation, for some unspecified but apparently important reasons.
It is easy to say that the happiness, the fullness and meaning of life are still here and will be felt when the current overwhelming hardships fade away, as the sun still exists when hidden behind a cloud and will shine again as soon as the cloud passes.
There is a poem titled Don't Quit, by an unknown author. You can read it e.g. here. I am pasting its beginning and modifying it a little to obtain a rhythm I like more (quite an arrogance, with my English):

When things go wrong - they sometimes will,
When your life's road seems all up hill,
When funds are low and debts are high,
And you can't smile but only sigh,
When care is crushing you a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.


mani said...

beautiful poem, many problems.. one solution :)

you know, I honestly miss you too maya :)

Maya M said...

Thank you, Mani!

mani said...

had to be here.. u got no email? lol at least i can keep in touch with u that way. Hows your boy doing? :) :)

Unknown said...

Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.
I liked ur version, it seems that all of us need some rest lately.

Maya M said...

Thank you and welcome to my blog, Enlightened Spirit! I know from your blog that you in particular also need rest. The bit about the ill teacher reminded me of my years in elementary school when, hearing that a teacher was ill, we always reacted by "Hooray!" (because we would have an hour for ourselves). This was very bad of us of course, but we were too young to conceal our ugly emotions as mature civilized people do.
Mani, I have an e-mail, I'll right about it in a minute. I actually have two boys, they are both OK, thank you. The elder (4) is at kindergarten, the younger (1) is learning to walk.

Desert Rose said...

Maya m
A lovely thought and poem ! I pray Highlander cheers up.

Mani ?
Where have you been my dear son?? !
Khadija and i always ask about you, seemed you vanished into thin air.

Maya M said...

Thank you, UT! I am glad that you liked this post. I am afraid you may not like my blog in general, but you are always welcome to it.

mani said...

dear UT, thank you for the loverly words. I know I have neglected both you and khadijateri.. and my dear friend tommy.. and so many and many not only from my blogworld family also my nuclear and extended family..

life is tough right now.. it was my only way of concetration.. lock it all out and focus..

I wil lmake a comeback when i and my sweetheart are one.. :)

thank you and teri and tommy so much..

thanks maya for giving us this opportunity :)

Maya M said...

Don't mention it!
Now after Mani is back in watani habibi, he could even meet other Libyan bloggers face to face.

Highlander said...

Thanks Maya :) - it's good to see Mani and Trabilsia back as well.