Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good real estate agent needed to sell Gaza to Egypt

Last May, in my basic post about the Mideast conflict, I wrote that its solution could include joining Gaza to Egypt. I was wondering why nobody else seemed to consider such a simple thing.
These days, Gaza is in the news again. Briefly, Israel cut off all supplies and, as a result, Gazans cried they were starving and invaded Egypt.
This naturally led to a lot of talk about Gaza, why it is such a thorn in the world's ass and what could be done about it. I am happy to see that some people say the same thing I suggested less than a year ago (though I have no reason to think that any of them has been actually influenced by me). In FrontPage Magazine, Daniel Pipes has a brand new article titled Give Gaza to Egypt. More importantly, a suspicion is growing in Egyptians that, as Sandmonkey puts it, "Israel's plan is now clear: The Israelis want to throw Gaza on Egypt, and Hamas is playing into their hand." He continues, "Sorry kids, but we are not going back to the days of Pre-1967. You took over those areas, you can't give them back to us 40 years later after its run by Iranian-backed- Muslim Brotherhood Islamists who are armed to the teeth. Pottery Barn rules apply here too Israelis: You broke it, you are just gonna have to buy it."
I understand Sandmonkey's point. Nobody in the world would want a territory like Gaza. In fact, neither Egypt nor Israel would mind taking the territory; it is, as usual, the population that is the problem. But, dear Egyptians, please don't be selfish! Make a sacrifice or two, for the sake of world peace! Name your price and swallow the unwanted bit, as participants in some reality shows do :-).
(I feel like joking on the subject because nobody has been killed in the current crisis - not yet at least.)

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