Monday, January 07, 2008

Veni's suggestion about Sofka

Sofka, now 17 is still alive, is an abandoned disabled girl sought by her sister's adoptive mother; details are described in my Dec. 1, 2007 post.
I have written about this also in my Bulgarian blog at A week ago, Veni G. left a comment there. Veni is a journalist, a conscious citizen and the host of Semki i bonbonki (Nuts and Candy), one of the best Bulgarian blogs (not only my opinion). Here is Veni's comment:
"I think you have to write a letter to the Ministry of Justice, citing the Law for Access to Information. In fact, it is best if the adoptive mother does it, because she has legitimate interest (this is a legal term meaning that she has the right to require this information). And the Ministry of Justice is the relevant institution in cases of adoption and abandonment, as with Sofka."
If the adoptive mother of Sofka's sister is reading this, I would be glad to do what I can to help.

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Anonymous said...

Sofka has been found and thanks to Maya I now know what her condition is. We are committed to helping this girl and we are now exploring what our alternatives are.

Since Sofka will be 18 in July we need to act fast to make sure that she is moved to an institution that will afford her better care.

I welcome any suggestions any of you may have. Many thanks!

Maureen Baeck