Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Starting a school biology textbook

I am starting to publish in my Bulgarian blog a series of texts fitted to serve as a biology textbook for school (grade 5-6), as I want to see it. Details here.
My Bulgarian blog is generally a short version of this blog. However, at present I don't intend to translate the primary school-level teaching materials to English. It isn't clear at this stage whether I'll finish the work successfully even in Bulgarian. So, if you are a Bulgarian reader interested in the "textbook", check my Bulgarian blog from time to time.


Marla said...

This sounds like a greaet idea and a lot of work. I read your posts but often do not know what to comment as I am not very educated in these areas. But, I am trying to learn more.

Maya M said...

Thank you, Marla!

Shafique Ahmed said...

Dear friends,
My teacher has made wonderful biology website for us and i want to share it with you people as well visit and comment.