Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The West promotes its enemies

Quoting from the article New Atheists and the Economy of Outrage by Muqtedar Khan:

"The recent discursive assault on Islam and Muslims by the so-called "new atheists" is another moment in the sequence of never ending vilifications of Islam that Western culture seems to have an insatiable appetite for. There is a perverse quality to this culture and discourse of contempt... Most philosophers of ethics would describe their methodology as intellectual hypocrisy. Consider this for example. Dawkins tweeted that: "All the world's Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge." The point he was trying to make is that all Muslims in the modern age are backward, less rational and less scientific than just one western institution. Well, if that is an argument then how about this. Muslims won six Nobel peace prizes in the past twenty years, more than Americans, the Brits and Israelis. Does that mean that in the past 20 years, Islam has been more peaceful than Judaism and Christianity or the west? Probably."

This "masterpiece" may seem sarcastic, but it is not. It was published first by Turkish Agenda and then by the far-leftist and hopelessly Islamophilic Huffington Post, where I found it via Yahoo! News. Of course I have no problem with publishing such stupid and hateful rants, this is what freedom of speech is about. What I have problem with is the occupation and position of the author. As indicated just above the title, Muqtedar Khan is Associate Professor of Islam and Global Affairs at the University of Delaware.

Who has made this Islamo-Nazi Associate Professor at an American university? It turns out that US youths are taxed sky high for college and begin their adult lives with debts so that universities can give tenures and tribune to sworn enemies of civilization! (I've written before about Prof. Angela Davis, but this is even worse.) And then, some of these students will be forced to listen to Prof. Khan's lectures (presumably extensions of the above quote), to learn this garbage and to recite it at exams if they want to continue their study.

I seriously doubt that the West will survive - it seems to be happily digging its own grave!

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